Congratulations to Our 2012 Winners!!

1st Prize: Don Campbell

2nd Prize: Mary Karsgaard

3rd Prize: Gail Green

4th Prize: Dan and Sarah Schmidt

5th Prize: John Bergschneider

6th Prize: Pat Evans

7th Prize: Bill Imboden

8th Prize: Aaron Lomelino

9th Prize: Ellen Crabtree

10th Prize: Jeremy Fluhr

11th Prize: Greg O'Malley

12th Prize: Jerria Beckman

13th Prize: Chuck Baker

14th Prize: Mary Jo Sparrow

15th Prize: Steve Ross

16th Prize: Kerry Freesen

17th Prize: Walgreens #1

18th Prize: Daniel and Ashley Casey

19th Prize: Jody Rosenberger

20th Prize: Johnna and Jackson Hall

21st Prize: Jan Gonzalez

22nd Prize: Kevin Spuady

23rd Prize: Richard Shores

24th Prize: Dustin Loseka

25th Prize: George Roegge

26th Prize: Erin Hayes

27th Prize: Dennis Weakly

28th Prize: Dan Binkley

29th Prize: Bob and JoAnn Chumley

30th Prize: Dave Symes

31st Prize: Diana Fitzpatrick

32nd Prize: Dick Anthony

33rd Prize: Judy Newell

34th Prize: Barbara Frederick

35th Prize: Brenda Piper

36th Prize: YMCA Employees

37th Prize: Raymond Gregory

38th Prize: Kathryn Surbeck

39th Prize: Rosalee McKinley

40th Prize: Allinson Hermes

41st Prize: Tim Halpin

42nd Prize: Chris Reif

43rd Prise: Chris Robsen

44th Prize: Christian Shultz

45th Prize: Crissie Olejnik

46th Prize: Kevin and Nancy Scott

47th Prize: Deena Splady

48th Prize: Chris Parks

49th Prize: Jason Lakamp

50th Prize: Steve Henson