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1st. Prize ($10,000)-Frank Kaufmann 

2nd Prize ($2,000)-Nancy and James Telzrow 

3rd Prize ($1,000)-Joseph Sabetti 

4th Prize ($1,000)-Patricia Fellhauer 

5th Prize ($1,000)-Chris Robeen 

2017 Early Bird Winners

2018 Early Bird Winners

2018 Early Bird Winners

2018 Dreams Drawing Winners

1st. Prize ($100,000)-Barb Banning/Garry Thomas

2nd Prize (GMC Acadia)-Katherine Doolin 

3rd Prize ($10,000)-Kenneth Halter 

4th Prize ($1,000)-Wendell & Peggy Clayton 

5th Prize ($1,000)-Quin Lauderback 

6th Prize ($1,000)-Rich Johnson 

7th Prize ($1,000)-Patricia Johnson/Jefferson East 

8th Prize ($1,000)-Doug & Marsha Awe 

9th Prize ($1,000)-Katie Wood 

10th Prize ($1,000)-Steven Day 

11th Prize ($500)-Gretchen & David Miller 

12th Prize ($500)-Gail & Andy Austin 

13th Prize ($500)-June Kesterson 

14th Prize ($500)-Mary Anne Bailey

15th Prize ($500)-Abbey Sexton 

16th Prize ($500)-Kurt Evans 

17th Prize ($500)-Aaron Scott

18th Prize ($500)-Nancy Chatham 

19th Prize ($500)-Jan Summers 

20th Prize ($500)-OSS Faculty/Staff 

21st Prize ($500)-John & Karen Plunk 

22nd Prize ($500)-Sharlene Smith 

23rd Prize ($500)-Terry Kindred Team 

24th Prize ($500)-Ben McCombs 

25th Prize ($500)-Dave & Karen Middleton 

26th Prize ($250)-Pam Davis 

27th Prize ($250)-David Knollhoff 

28th Prize ($250)-Maggie & Adam York 

29th Prize ($250)-Jason & Amy Robertson 

30th Prize ($250)-Hubbert Dawnell 

31st Prize ($250)-Walter & Bev Brown 

32nd Prize ($250)-Mary Karsgaard 

33rd Prize ($250)-Bystry Family 

34th Prize ($250)-Patrick Doyle 

35th Prize ($250)-Shade Family 

36th Prize ($250)-Melissa Nichols 

37th Prize ($250)-David Hauser 

38th Prize ($250)-Donald Middendorf 

39th Prize ($250)-Teresa Barber 

40th Prize ($250)-Martha Anderson 

41th Prize ($250)-Anedra Barrett

42nd Prize ($250)-Jones Meat & Locker Crew 

43rd Prize ($250)-Geraldine Wagner 

44th Prize ($250)-Bobby Crum 

45th Prize ($250)-Steven Woratschka 

46th Prize ($250)-Pat Flynn

47th Prize ($250)-Lisa Flynn

48th Prize ($250)-James Grummel 

49th Prize ($250)-Amy Evans 

50th Prize ($250)-Richard Cisne 

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